I am bored of some banks with a thousand tricks to try to make the customer by offering "new" attractive deposit products and then wait in the corner like a bandit with the bat to a mincing. They called honeymoon rates to as the honeymoon did not last long. The recent experience I was the Commercial Bank in October 2008 where he tabled a large amount for 6 months with a gross interest rate of 6% - not the best market, but reasonable for the circumstances of this era. When I phoned in April this year from abroad and I was asked for renewal, he said that interest has been dropped and was around 1.60%. I told them that this figure is unacceptable, but unable to do anything because of my absence I have asked me do renewal for three months. Gyrizontas in Greece asked to take the proof of the time when I found that I provided mixed renewal rate 0.75%!. IF THIS PRACTICE OF COMMERCIAL does not constitute predatory KARAMPINATI FRAUD AND I do not know how to describe it. And if there are some institutions and organs that protect borrowers from predatory loan sharks, I wonder if in my case there is something similar.
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1 Wednesday, 22 July 2009 18:45
Seville Dude if you had contacted the bank before 09.04.1913 to the 3-month interest rate futures' income 6 "was 2.7% (see page here on site: / history? cat_id = p & group_id = 15 & element_id = 0 & oelement_id = 0), go there and do the upside down until you pay the difference, because it is very close to 2 percentage points and the amount of the deposit was large, the amount of interest would get would be about 4 times what did you eventually. If contacted after that date, unfortunately, the site statistics are not available, but require that you notify the official tables with interest rates the bank at the time, to determine what was the rate they eventually (most likely) to steal. Of course the given period interest rates on deposits, but only was shrinking because of falling Multilayer the ECB rate and interest rate EURIBOR. Even in an open account to made the deposit probably would be greater efficiency.