Deposit slips

Which employees are paid through bank deposit account, especially civil servants and All pensioners, able to obtain from the best rates banks, up to a limit for money.

DepartmentBankProductRateMaximum amountUpdated on
Mixed  Attica Bank  Payroll accounts - EDITORIAL   0,85%  1.500€  23/4/2024 
Mixed  Bank Epirus   Λογ/μός μισθοδοσίας  0,40%  5.000€  23/4/2024 
Private?  Bank of chania  Current Payroll   0,25%  5.000€  23/4/2024 
Mixed  Alpha Bank  Alpha Μισθοδοσία  0,20%  1.000€  23/4/2024 
Public?  Bank Thessaly   Μισθοδοσίας και σύνταξης   0,15%    20/4/2024 
Private?  Eurobank  ΜΙΣΘΟΔΟΣΙΑΣ/ ΣΥΝΤΑΞΗΣ "ΠΑΝΤΑ ΝΕΟΙ"  0,10%  1.000€  23/4/2024 
Mixed  Piraeus bank  Τρεχούμενος Winbank Direct με μηνιαία πίστωση τουλάχιστον 200€  0,10%    23/4/2024 
Private  Piraeus bank  Πειραιώς Αποδοχών  0,05%  1.000€  23/4/2024 

The forward rates for bank accounts is mixed (Pre-tax 15%) and possibly to apply only for new capitals.

The majority from accounts that pay presented table, controlled daily from their respective websites banks. When one line presented that informed eg in 10/2/2009 it means that 10/2/2009 website of the bank contained specific deposit, except few cases information that is otherwise. However is some times some bank to change data without pay on deposits to update immediately page of or to happen delay or wrong in own us update. In any case good will was to done one telephone confirmation with the bank before someone any energy.