Voip: cheap phones

If we want to drastically reduce the cost of our telephone response called Voip (Voice Over IP).

Voip simply means we use our computer (or smart phone us) to call a phone number via internet. We need to create an account with a voip provider and put an initial amount (minimum 10 euros or 10 USD).

How much does it cost to call?

Calls to landlines in Greece and in many foreign countries is provided free by several companies that provide Voip, for a period of typically four months. When you spend the 4 months you need to put back the minimum amount and we renew the free destinations. The amounts put any time we can spend it on calls to mobile or sms. In some foreign countries, some companies apply a vague limit free calls (fair policy). When we get over charged for some calls but after a few days have again free.

Calls to mobiles are not free, but the cost is much lower than what we are charged by mobile operators (0.22 to 0.41 per minute). According to the comparative cost VoIP list , the cheapest call gives the with just 0.018 euros / minute flat rate per call is EUR 0.028. So if you talk about 5 minutes will pay 5 * 0.018 +0.028 = 0.12 euros while the Prepaid 1.1 euros to 2.05 euros!

The sms through voip to Greece costs about 0.05 minutes, while prepaid by not a few companies that charge close to double, while the international reach 4-5 times as much.

If you do not speak very mobile, the best solution for a free constant in Greece and relative good price on moving (0.05 euro / minute) seems to give the : 10 euros per quarter have free calls to fixed and mobile for 200 minutes.

It's a good sound quality?

If we talk through ADSL and have special equipment voip (usb phone or stickphone) the sound quality is usually good to very good. Sometimes there is noise or a slight delay, particularly at peak times. If you close and redial is unlikely to solve the problem.

What do I need to make phones via voip;

  1. Computer or voip phone that can connect directly to the internet or smart phone
  2. Connect to Internet (from 17 euros per month)
  3. If using a notebook for better communication quality need a usb device, VoIP (EUR 5)

After you choose from the list which company I want to use from the company's download page (download) the program through which I register. After I put the original amount I use this program to make calls. Phone numbers should be written in the international format, eg Greece to start with 0030 and then the number you call.
Some smart mobile phones are sip-enabled, meaning they can make calls directly through voip. Some did not allow the call without wifi eg with 3G. In this case, download a program (eg the android csipsimple ) allowing voip calls even with GPRS, but of course the quality is not so good. On the other hand we can make almost free calls from your mobile. The almost free in terms that calls via voip consume some Kbytes, which is infinitely mobile.
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Ο Τσιγκούνης
To be able to watch the best commentary on the debate moved
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Μάριος Αντωνίου
Personally I use Skype, because: 1) I call EXCLUSIVE Greece and steadily. 2) I have unlimited (Greece) stable (with stunning quality - touches OTE) to € 58,55 per year! Ie 4.88 per month. 3) I use a wireless Skype phone for Philips, connected to my router. Calls are independent of the PC (open or closed, so does). 4) I use it wherever I find free wifi on my phone. So I free myself from the constant pollaaaaa parties. 5) Fifth (and foremost): My wife does not need to take long seminars on the use of calls through a computer! It takes as getting (and it is true that to'chei earring) ... Many congratulations to (always forward) T $ ig, the extensive reportage around from Main VOIP. Worth it.