Voip: Skype!

Personally I use Skype, because: 1) I call EXCLUSIVE Greece and steadily. 2) I have unlimited (Greece) stable (with stunning quality - touches OTE) to € 58,55 per year! Ie 4.88 per month. 3) I use a wireless Skype phone for Philips, connected to my router. Calls are independent of the PC (open or closed, so does). 4) I use it wherever I find free wifi on my phone. So I free myself from the constant pollaaaaa parties. 5) Fifth (and foremost): My wife does not need to take long seminars on the use of calls through a computer! It takes as getting (and it is true that to'chei earring) ... Many congratulations to (always forward) T $ ig, the extensive reportage around from Main VOIP. Worth it.
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