To repay the loan?

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Often the question is whether it pays to pay back a loan when we have the capital and we are in the middle of repayment.

An example : "8 years ago I took loan for house purchase 65,000 euros for 20 years. Currently the remainder is 47000 euros and my remaining 12 years.'ve fixed rate of 5.3% which means that performance I give 450 euro / month and pay with interest 65000 euro yet. " At first reading seems to interest repayment.

But if we assume that the transactions rate from now until the end is 3.19% (3.79% with a fee), so with a deposit of 5% (4.5% net) we gain.

Utility file calculations (with annual capitalized interest deposit).





Balances with banks abroad

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Due to the climate prevailing in the Greek economy and the fear that the risk of deposits in Greece, many are considering transferring their money in foreign accounts.

Inhibitor, these days, to transfer money abroad is perhaps deliberate, ambiguity of the new tax bill . Based on the new law, the bank manager told someone wanted to open a deposit account abroad, that will have tax returns. Key Points of the Article 18 are references to encourage repatriation of capital has not been declared and it was already abroad when the date of the bill (April 15, 2010). That makes no reference to future deposits and the existing use if we have the money out is not declared to tax office and we want to "formalize".




It will bankrupt our country?

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The fear of failure in our country is not new. We have a bad history (1893 Trikoupis: "Unfortunately eptochefsamen) and a threat for years ( the relevant article of 2005 , when our debt was 215 billion euros).

Are unjustifiable strong rumors?
The Greek economy is in poor condition: The state has no revenue (mainly taxes) about 50 billion a year and owes 326 billion (125% of Gross National Product). This year interest only have to pay 13 billion ( 2010 budget ).



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