Deposits with time commitment

The following table shows the best fixed deposits in Greece today in comparative form: higher rates are in top positions. Tο display for deposits greater than the default amount remove filter or input greater amount.

BankDurationProductRateEarnings on 100.000 Minimum amountOther parametersUpdated on
Loan fundation 1 month Fixed deposit 0,25% 17,71/month
50.000   20/3/2023
Piraeus bank 1 month Προθεσμιακή Κατάθεση Στα Μέτρα Σου 0,06% 4,25/month
100.000   20/3/2023
Eurobank 3 months 0,04% 2,83/month
100.000 The rate applies with online OPENING fixed deposit 20/3/2023
Alpha Bank 6 months Alpha Μηνιαία Πρόοδος Plus 0,01% 0,71/month
10.000 Scalable rate, monthly interest paid, possibility of early withdrawal and increase to deposit. 19/3/2023
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The forward rates for bank accounts is mixed (Pre-tax 15%) and possibly to apply only for new capitals.
The Income is after subtraction of taxes 15%.The annual income is calculated from the (average) rate over a year and the monthly income is the annual divided by 12.