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Piraeus Tuba Pilea Psiri Ioannina Thissio New Kifissia Moraitika
47 km from Olympus Thea Boutique Hotel - Platamonas
Garden Bar 53
Toumpa, Dimos THessalonikis, Nomos THessalonikis, Makedonia
€2 Garden Bar 53Garden Bar 53 | Tuba (Δορυλαίου). or one chocolate or a juice or a ice tea of the selection your or Wine and the respectively accompanying, from the Garden Bar 53 at Tuba! - Offer expires: tomorrow 00:00 13 αγορές

47 km from Olympus Thea Boutique Hotel - Platamonas
Vega Fun
Pylaia, Dimos Pylaias - Xortiati, Nomos THessalonikis, Makedonia
Ping-Tennis , Course, Beer
€8 Vega FunVega Fun | Konstantinoupolitika, Pilea. SnookSoccer or for 1 Game Mini Golf for 2 People duration 60' and 2 glasses with drink (Coffee, juice, refreshment, Maker, chocolate or beer) or 1 Game Ping Tennis 60' for 2 People and 2 glasses with drink (Coffee, juice, refreshment, Maker, chocolate or beer... - Offer expires: tomorrow 00:00 74 αγορές

97 km from Olympus Thea Boutique Hotel - Platamonas

Ioannina, Nomos Ioanninon, Ήpeiros
Half board, Tour, Net Monday
€378 Half board, Tour, Net Monday 5* Epirus Palace | Ioannina. Net Monday at Ioannina at 5* Epirus Palace with Half board and drinks at dinners! Entertainment with Disco Party, Carnival Revelry and Lenten buffet the Net Monday! Available and Separate package with Transportation and trips with coach from the Athens. - Offer expires: tomorrow 00:00 44 αγορές

146 km from Olympus Thea Boutique Hotel - Platamonas
Messonghi Beach Hotel
Moraΐtika, Nomos Kerkyras, Nisia Ioniou
Full board, Beach
€370 Messonghi Beach Hotel3* Messonghi Beach Hotel | Corfu. All INCLUSIVE Easter in Corfu with Traditional revelry with drinks, at Messonghi Beach Hotel just 30' from the City of the Corfu! - Offer expires: the day after tomorrow 00:00
Rating of the Messonghi Beach Holiday Resort through Booking.com , based on 554 reviews: 8,4/10
Rating of the Messonghi Beach Resort through TripAdvisor, based on 2788 reviews: 7/10
28 αγορές

147 km from Olympus Thea Boutique Hotel - Platamonas
Princess Taste
Nea Kifisia, Athina Voreia, Nomos Attikis
€190 Princess Taste 100 People with Great variety from donuts, donuts with Sugar and icing & fresh λεμονάδα or juice Fruit seasonal from the Laboratory pastry Princess Taste at New Kifissia. Unique Tasty creations for Baptism, wedding or party with Original & modern topic! - Offer expires: tomorrow 11:45 7 αγορές

152 km from Olympus Thea Boutique Hotel - Platamonas
Bar Restaurant Venti
PSyrri, Athina kentro, Nomos Attikis
Bar Restaurant VentiVenti - Ψυρρή - Bar Restaurant - 54€ από 100€ (Έκπτωση 46%) στου Ψυρρή για μία φιάλη ποτού της επιλογή σας, αναψυκτικά, τορτίγιας ανά τρία άτομα, ξηροί καρποί, πατατάκια, αγγούρι και καρότο στο Bar – Restaurant «Venti»! Διασκεδάστε, χορέψτε και ξεφαντώστε σε ένα μοδάτο και ζεστό χώρο με Ελληνικές και ξένες μουσικές επιτυχίες μέχρι ... - Λήξη προσφοράς: αύριο 00:00
Rating of the Venti through TripAdvisor, based on 25 reviews: 7/10
13 αγορές

152 km from Olympus Thea Boutique Hotel - Platamonas
Mentor Cafe Bar
THiseio, Athina kentro, Nomos Attikis
Mentor Cafe BarMentor Cafe - Snack Bar | Thissio. 2 people with The Freedom Of Choice Menu or 2 cocktails, at Mentor in Pedestrian of the From. Paul at Thissio - discount 51% - Offer expires: tomorrow 00:00
Rating of the Mentor Cafe through TripAdvisor, based on 70 reviews: 7/10
65 αγορές

153 km from Olympus Thea Boutique Hotel - Platamonas
Εl Chapo
Peiraias, Perifereiaki Enotita Peiraios, Nomos Attikis
€5 Εl Chapo the Drink or one Beer of the selection your, at "Εl Chapo", the notorious Bar, in Heart of the Τρούμπας in Piraeus - Offer expires: 31/08/2020 23:59 191 αγορές