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Service Air conditioning Oil
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Regional Section Piraeus County Attica

Keratsini Drapetsona
Car Diagnostic
Keratsini, Perifereiaki Enotita Peiraios, Nomos Attikis
Service, Oil
€40 Car Diagnostic Service at Car your, applies to Cars any brand, from 600 up to 1800 cubic and includes oil change 10W40 GENERAL Motors, change filter Oil and control 14 Points, from the specialized workshop Cars Car Diagnostic at Keratsini Initial Value - discount 50%. - Offer expires: the day after tomorrow 08:59 81 αγορές

Drapetsona, Perifereiaki Enotita Peiraios, Nomos Attikis
Service, Air conditioning
€5 Service,, Air conditioning (1) Integrated Service Air Condition for all the brands Private car where includes filling Oil and eco Freon, replacement Oil circuit-pneumatic drill, control leakage Freon and Performance of the Air Condition and of airway of the Cab. Give your and ! One offer... - Offer expires: 06/04/2020 23:59 5 αγορές