ATE Bank = The ALI BABA and the 40 Thieves

I wanted to share a distinctive history of defrauding the depositor and the consumer and hopefully with him how to protect their friends from such top cleverly deceptive scams: My friend, a serious person and conservative for decades client ATE Bank, on the recommendation of the known employee ATE Bank, put there around 180.000 in six months. The rate started from something peanuts for months and then increased at 6 months so that ultimately the average yield to reach around 3% which was about the same as that of other major Greek banks. In addition he was told that it has the additional advantage of being able to 3 months if you wanted to get money without penalty. Sign the form that they put in front of him and got the proof of filing. A few days ago, that is five and a half months later, he went to ATE Bank to inform the booklet of savings, thereby finding that the bank had TEMPLE OF THE exofisei the time in 3 months the rate given was the crumbs, and put money in savings at a rate below 1%. So declined to pay the interest on the second quarter, while high-interest kept the money in the savings rate with a joke. I do not know what the small print the forms were signed by my friend, but like to have, nor were copies of, or hours was given to read before signing or verbally informed him of their content. That probably told him about cheese but carefully omitted to mention the trap. In the "civilized" countries - where there is Greece, the customer is obliged to take copies of contracts signed and is 5-10 days (cooling-off period) to read, consult with experts, etc. and if in crisis do not agree to withdraw and be refunded the money without penalty. Here perhaps is not needed because the banks are honest and trust wholeheartedly ... fright us. Time to wake up my friend and NOT tolerate REFERENCE BANKS AS BANK ATE which I believe will Profitability and manages to survive OP Infinity with shame 'and FRAUDS IN WEIGHT OF CLIENT-CONSUMER.
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