Time deposits abroad into euros at very high efficiency (up to 13%)

If you really want a high return on your money and you're ready to travel to countries like Russia, Ukraine, Montenegro and Azerbaijan (!), Assuming, of course, whatever the risk, take a look at the following rate (up to 13% per year and tax free) that offer various banks across the world. The banks are sound but the main disincentive is that for opening a term deposit needed physical presence. If you want more information you can always contact the bank via email. I appeared in all cases responded to my questions.

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1 Thursday, 29 July 2010 21:13

If you are interested in good annual returns since the forex is where you should invest. The figures start from 5000 euro deposit. Investing in foreign exchange (forex) rates of earnings exceed 20% annual transfer your money to Switzerland and repatriated tax-free whenever you want. Available.