Charging of interest

And do not give or what they promise ... I went to get Euro 5000 I leave the Commercial with 7% for two months (remember that ad for the first 3 months of the 2-year new commercial celebrating ... etc etc. .. and those who open new savings spend 7% etc. ..) I went to get at the end of March and says the system ... there was a way to pay 7%! 58 and instead closed my account and wanted to give me 5efro !!!!!!!!!!!! (A simple savings rate that is!) Was a bad loss! because there had been two months before the incident with EUROBANK and said this time would not Steal nor make me feel ILITHIOS ... Eventually I got 50 million after 2-3 visits! (The Manager of the store gave me out of his pocket at the end when I managed through your site to locate in the cash memory to print advertising and their I get why they arrived at a point not to have not remembered and other crazy!) As FOR THE EUROBANK .... the worst bank I have done and have incredible knowledge from friends, even worse, last I had fooled and I go to do a 12 month period to 5.3% and not your prattle when I broke my dinan no nothing! The TO DEDUCTIONS FOR TIME tell me, or does not pass one! (And the treasurer of my system I get utter interest for up to one month when I went to taperna d Manager for signatures, the Manager was halted and did not give me even ONE !!!!) Then I was too polite. ... but now that I have learned ... is a bad loss, listening to the whole place goes up and my pressure 17/11 and eventually find a solution ... Imagine PAREIS AND LOAN FROM THEM!! or card and something goes wrong ... HERE DINEIS your money and do not know what to get!
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