Mutual funds

Seeing the interest rate futures have fallen to very low levels, many are looking to put their savings into more profitable investments. So some people think investing in mutual funds, ignoring perhaps the chance of loss from this investment.

What is the fund?

Fund is the common property created by a group of investors. Depending on the amount contributed by each investor, and is the holder of the corresponding part of such property in the form of shares. O number of shares of a fund is growing as new investors buy shares and reduced shareholders when they leave it. Those syneisferooun the creation of such property, sharing profits and losses that may arise, depending on the share of each. The chapter concentrates shall be managed by a management company Investor Mutual Funds (Anonymous Mutual Fund Management Company).

There is a risk of loss of the capital investment?

Mutual funds advertised as relatively safe investments on the grounds that it is spreading the placement. However, there are rare times where the performance of mutual negative.

No cost to participate in a mutual fund?

There is a cost share of capital, both on entering the fund and the exit (liquidation). This percentage may be in the range from 0.2% to 5%.

There is a time commitment?

If someone wants it no later than five days to liquidate his share. Of course if the mutual loses, perhaps someone still trapped Anticipating the rise of value.

Who comes out a winner?

That certainly is a profit after the management company receives commissions. The investor can make a lot but could lose as many.

Not accidentally the fine print at the end:
Funds do not provide a guaranteed return and past performance does not guarantee future performance.

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6 Monday, 04 March 2019 22:48
peter k
Η γνωμη μου ειναι οτι καλυτερα να επενδυσει καποιος σε ενα low-cost ETF σταν το SPY του απλα κανει track τον S&P500 με ιστορικη αποδοση 7-8% και κοστος συμμετοχης (expense ratio) 0.09%, σχεδον τιποτα δηλαδη. Και επισης 9 στις 10 φορες τα ETFs κανουν overperform τα Mutual Fund.
5 Friday, 09 April 2010 16:32
Global Fund Manager

Merry Christmas to all, especially those looking for better returns and rightly interested in investing in international mutual funds (RA), as investment in good international AK was, is and is unequivocally the best form of investment.

He'm manager of international mutual funds (Mutual Funds for international). I could cite many facts and prove it 100% convincing everyone that what I mentioned above is amply! And, unfortunately, and not only correct, but Need to invest over time in well RA International, the Greeks even by 99.99% did not know what it is, how it operated and why you should invest in international AK! But do not blame the investors.

The most unfortunate in our country are many-fold, deliberate misinformation by domestic banks and Mutual Funds, ignorance, imperfect knowledge, and especially the lack of (unfortunately again deliberately) well-structured platform for information and evaluation (both quantitative and qualitative) International RA. Considering the Greek and international reality and future developments (rapid rise in inflation in coming years as the only way to reduce debt at the expense of civil / depositors in Greece and internationally), the only solution to compensate for the loss and increase the market value is an investment in a properly structured (geographically, by asset classes etc), a global investment approach and active portfolio management international funds. Them as first mention of me!

I am always at your disposal for any questions or concerns.

Many greetings to all!

4 Monday, 18 January 2010 19:34
Paul Stewart
Dear friend Tsigouni, would like to quote some information in detail, if I could, of course, in terms of what the "repo" and that the "Bonds" on which is enough reason lately, as has been done already the "Mutual Funds". In this way, I think that all friends of the website will enrich our economic knowledge to know what is above and what the differences so as to be unable to financial institutions Our 'tell fairytales "tazontas our" rabbits and stole. "Thank you very much in advance. Sincerely, P. Stewart
3 Friday, 11 December 2009 01:24
also hold additional and 2.5% per annum as fees of custodian (the second is cheating). there is a price difference in buying and selling shares (the first steal).
2 Thursday, 03 December 2009 17:33
Mutual funds are NOT guaranteed return. In any case, that though you say there is no guarantee of capital or performance guarantees. And do not listen to any percentages you mention carefully selected based on historical data. Also, the yield is much less than investing directly in one "buy" with which it is connected. It is a long term investment with a bad relationship risk / return (big risk and little corresponding yield). And all this from experience, unfortunately ...
1 Tuesday, 24 November 2009 00:24
Most mutual funds are located largely in shares of stock (Greek and foreign)! Very carefully when choosing a mutual and very good information about the attitudes and dispersion! In no cases is not certain investment!