Health & Banks

Increasing number of banks include products with offerings in relation to our health.

Usually offer free medical consultations and examinations by an amount. In the second phase provides discounts on exams and other medical instruments.

There are some free programs to accompany credit card, but in most cases, pay an annual subscription from 36 to 150 euros.

Below the main features of the programs of this type:

Marfin Egnatia Bank: MARFIN SAVINGS + HEALTH

Subscribe time: 60 per adult and 40 for each child.

Free benefits: an annual mammogram or ultrasound breast (female), annual fatigue test (men), visits to doctors on call for emergencies 24 hours a day and doctors from other specialties by appointment.

Benefits: Discounts and invasive diagnostic tests (but not limited to general blood € 9, chest radiograph € 22). 20% discount on medical visits to outpatient Pediatric Clinic of Mother, by appointment, in the specialties: pediatric cardiology, Allergist, Paidonefrologou, Gastroenterologist, Endocrinologist, Orthopedic, ophthalmologist, dermatologist; ENT

Prerequisites: open a deposit account MARFIN SAVINGS + HEALTH, no minimum initial deposit amount.

Piraeus Bank: Health and Family

Package Euromedica

Subscription year: 75 per adult (individual) or 110 for the whole family (children from 14 days to 16 years).

Free benefits: tests to individual or € 250 € 200 for each parent to associate Medical Centers nationwide, Annual Check up, annual dental check.

Benefits: Save 35% on other tests, 50% discount on all dental instruments, 15% discount on refractive surgery rehabilitation with laser
in ophthalmology centers ORASIS and partner clinics, nursing 10% discount on proprietary and affiliated hospitals of the group, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centres: 25 per session of physiotherapy on partner physiotherapists, 10% discount on Rehabilitation Centres Group Euromedica

Athens Medical Kit

Subscription year: 80 per adult (individual) or 150, for the whole family (up to 2 children from 14 days to 16 years).

Free benefits: unlimited visits to doctors on call five core subjects, examinations up to € 200 for each parent to Associate Medical Centers nationwide, Annual Check up, annual dental check.

Benefits: 35% discount for the remaining tests, up to 50% discount on visits to outpatient only on call service center, doctors specific subjects (gynecologist, neurologist, urologist, Ophthalmologist, ENT and pulmonologist) Group of hospitals in Athens and Thessaloniki, € 30 per visit to the region cooperating doctors on call service center for many specialties in each city, Nursing 8% discount Hospitals Group.

Prerequisites: open a deposit account "Health and Family.

Eurobank: Life and Health

Subscription year: EUR 100 men, 120 women euros to 40 euros per child up to 15 years.

Prerequisites: open deposit accounts (savings or tap).

Athens Medical Kit: Men , women and children

Free benefits: annual screening, test pap and U / S breast exam or mammogram, and to € 200 a year for adults. Unlimited visits to the doctors on call for outpatient hospital in Athens Medical Center without an appointment, the basic specialties: physicians, Cardiologist, Surgeon orthopedic surgeons, pediatrician 24 hours 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Athens and Thessaloniki. A limited visits to the outpatient, after telephone contact with the telephone service center of Athens Medical Group, for the ratings Gynecologist, Neurologist, Urologist, Ophthalmologist, ENT showed.

Benefits: 10% -40% discount for additional tests, 10% discount on the cost of hospitalization of the Athens Medical Group, 40% discount on dental instruments in dental collaborating centers in Athens and Thessaloniki, 40% discount for correcting refractive defects with Laser Attica and 20% in Greece. Special Check-Up programs for women with special preferential price:
• Control of Thyroid: T3, T4, TSH, Anti-TPO, Anti-TG, U / S thyroid (€ 80).
• Control of additional: General Urine, Urea, Uric Acid, HDL, LDL, SGOT, SGPT, chest X-€ 45.
• Mammography: digital € 65.

Package to the Group Companies Health Biomedicine: Men , women and children

Free benefits: annual screening, test pap and U / S breast ultrasound or mammography (analog), unlimited visits to specialized cardiologist, surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, only to outpatient clinics of Group Health Biomedical Companies. Free unlimited scheduled medical visits to a network of Pediatrics in Athens and Thessaloniki. Exam, worth up to a maximum of two hundred euros (€ 200) per year, diagnostic units and clinics of Group Health Biomedical Companies.

Benefits: 40% discount on dental instruments in dental units of the Group Biomedical and network of cooperating dentists.
For children: 30% discount on diagnostic and clinical branches of the Group, potential home visits with special preferential prices visit sixty euros (€ 60) & other hours and holidays seventy-five million (€ 75).
For adults: 25% discount on other trials, 20% discount on hospital charges in the clinics of the Group Biomedical Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, Physiotherapy: € 15 for a session in physiotherapy centers collaborating with the Group Biomedical and € 25 for a session in home. Take a sample home € 10. Special prices on 2,000 doctors nationwide partner, € 30 to € 60 clinic and a home visit just to Attica. Possibility of digital mammography 50% discount

Alpha Bank: Alpha Smart Health

Subscribe time: 36 euros.

Benefits: Coverage of 70% of the cost of diagnostic tests will be performed in centers affiliated group of Biomedical Inc. (With a maximum annual limit on coverage of Euro 1500). 30% discount on many diagnostic tests carried out beyond the annual limit. Coverage of 50% of the cost of the therapeutic and cosmetic dental work to be carried out in the contract with the Biomedical Inc. dentists.

Condition: age 18-65 years and get a credit card of Alpha Bank.

Attica Bank: Attica Care

Subscription year: 96 euros.

Free benefits: annual dental check.

Benefits: Coverage of 70% of the cost of exams to be held in centers affiliated group Euromedica (with a maximum annual limit on coverage of Euro 2000). 30% discount on many diagnostic tests carried out beyond the annual limit. 50% discount dental practice in collaborating with the Diagnostic Centre Dentists. Save 10% on hospitalization costs. Medical visits € 25 per visit.

Condition: age 18-69 years.

HSBC: Feel Good

Subscription year: 40 million for the primary account holder and € 20 per adult joint holders (paid every two years)

Free privileges: 6 free visits for medical specialties on call Outpatient Euroclinic Athens, unlimited in Euroclinic Children

Benefits: 40% discount on all laboratory tests, 30% discount on all other diagnostic tests, such as fatigue testing, ultrasounds, triplex, 20% discount on scheduled visits in all specialties of doctors, 20% discount on specific dermatological treatments 15% discount on hospital charges.

Requirements: Account Katathetikos Feel Good, no minimum deposit


No annual fee

Health + Care

Benefits: 25% discount on diagnostic tests, 20% discount on scheduled visits to all the specialties of physicians, 5% discount on the costs of hospitalization, medical visits € 20 per visit to the doctors on call for hospital outpatient Medical Group Athens.

Conditions: The use of cards Citibank (Visa & MasterCard).

Diners Health Club

Benefits: 20% discount on laboratory tests, medical visits € 25 each visit, visiting doctors at home, the price of 50 € (holidays, weekends and evenings, 70 €), dental care coverage to 40% discount.

Condition: used Diners.

National Bank: gohealth

No annual fee

Conditions: the card go national.


Benefits: 10% discount on diagnostic tests, 10% discount on scheduled visits to all medical specialties, 10% discount on hospital charges.

Euroclinic Athens Euroclinic Children

Free benefits: unlimited iastrikes scheduled visits to General Practitioner, Orthopaedics and surgeons.

Privileges: 35% discount on diagnostic tests, 40% off at scheduled visits to other specialties of doctors (Euroclinic Athens only) 20% discount on hospital charges.

Special benefits to 31/12/2010:

  • Echocardiogram - Triplex heart € 75
  • Osteroporosi measurement (measuring bone density, hip and lumbar spine) € 58
  • Check thyroid function (T3, T4, TSH, thyroid ultrasound) € 49
  • Investigation by the paidofthalmiatro Euroclinic Children € 30
  • Free visit to a pediatrician.

Metropolitan Hospital

Free privileges: medical visits for emergencies cardiologists, pathologists and Orthopaedic surgeon and 30 scheduled visits per year medicine. (Excluding psychiatry, pediatrics, ophthalmology and dental visit).

Benefits: 35% discount on diagnostic tests and Lab. examinations, 40% discount on eye visits, 20% discount on hospital charges and dental / tions visits.

Special benefits to 31/12/2010:

  • Free unlimited visits to the pediatric
  • Gynaecological check-up:
    • Breast Ultrasound - Breast palpation-Test Pap - pelvic exam: € 30
    • Digital mastogafia - palpation breast-Test Pap - pelvic exam: € 60
  • Andiko check-up: PSA - FREE PSA - Ourometria - clinical examination of prostate: € 60