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Allianz Direct 
Insurance, Car
Or Allianz Direct is the directly channel sale of the Allianz Greece, where with the series of the is member of the Allianz Group, of a from the top ομίλους supply financial services with 83 million customers in more from 70 countries.    
Accessories, Species Travel , Kids
E shop with great variety in Male, women and baby Bags bags and species Travel. Shipping in throughout Greece and Cyprus and with delivery    
Species Travel
Το επίσημο eshop της EASTPAK στην Ελλάδα – τσάντες, σακίδια , είδη ταξιδίου και ρούχα της EASTPAK αλλά και παιδικά σακίδια της LYCSAC.   
Books - Magazines - DVD , Species Travel
To Travel Bookstore is the No1 Travel bookstore in Greece where εξειδικεύεται in ταξιδιωτικούς drivers, maps and Books. At E us shop will find over 10.000 products and brands as Orama Editions, Road, Anavasi, Explorer, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, DK, Michelin, Time Out, Aa available in many languages.    
Insurance Market 
Reduce the cost of the Security your in 1', συγκρίνoντας EASY online Throughout purchase! We the larger allies your in SELECTION of the better for you insurance package, EASY, quickly and αντικειμενικά. See amounts you to save in Security Car, home & board, from the more company at space. Awards: best e market (e-market place) (2013), better ασφαλιστικές Services (2014), best Digital strategy and better b2b Services (2015) from the evolution awards.    
NN Direct 
NN Direct Health: Integrated Schedule private Insurance in really affordable price.    
Goadvance.gr – το online φαρμακείο με την πληρέστερη γκάμα σε φαρμακευτικά, καλλυντικά αλλά και προϊόντα διατροφής. Παραλαβή από 14 σημεία σε όλη την Ελλάδα και πληρωμή και με αντικαταβολή!   
Like Pharmacy 
Γνωρίστε το φαρμακείο των προσφορών, γνωρίστε το Likepharmacy.gr, την “μεταφορά” του φυσικού καταστήματος του Καφαντάρη Σπύρου online!   
E Pharmacy Pharm24.gr - Korres - Apivita - Collagen - Vichy - Superfoods    
Pharmacy Onlineshop 
To pharmacyonlineshop.gr is a new E pharmacy where created to your offers the solutions and the update where Need in field of the Health, of the care and of the Beauty.    
pharmagoods.gr - The complete online pharmacy. Find cosmetics, species pharmacy, Vitamins and nutritional supplements from the greater brands in excellent prices.    
Or Pharma Plus is one Hellenic company supply specialized services, member of the Group Lavipharm.    
The winning as No1 Personalized online pharmacy. Great range and more better prices!